4 Fun Activities your kids can do this summer

The best time of the year is about to arrive, the summer, and with it, we have to be creative so that our children can do fun activities and enjoy away from the TV and so many video games. Sometimes it is understandable that we run out of ideas because between work, family, and household chores, the days go by very quickly, and we run out of ideas to entertain our children.

The good thing about summer is that it offers us many opportunities to explore and try many activities with each of our children. In addition to distracting us from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, our children will have a wonderful time. So, to help you today we bring you 4 FUN THINGS YOUR KIDS CAN DO THIS SUMMER.


If your kid loves sports, especially basketball, this is an excellent idea. Summer Basketball camp is the best. I still remember with great excitement and joy the summer camps I went to when I was a kid. Imagine your little one surrounded by pure kids with whom he can have fun all day long, and best of all, doing something he loves, practicing basketball.

It is common for professional players to attend basketball summer camps to spend time with the kids. This not only serves as an inspiration for the children but on many occasions, it can be a dream come true, to meet their idol.


Summer is the best time to plant fruits and vegetables, and to many people’s surprise, it’s not complicated, in fact, it’s very simple. If you have space in your garden or backyard, planting can be an amazing adventure for the kids. We all know that most kids love to play in the dirt and get dirty. Well, taking advantage of that and guiding them, planting a garden can be a very entertaining activity for them. From taking them to the store to choose the seeds, buy the fertilizer, then teach them how to plant them and water them daily. With this, your children will enjoy for weeks watching the fruits and vegetables grow.


Even during vacations, kids can learn to do new things. Nowadays, kids cooking competitions have become so famous, such as Junior Master Chef, teaching them to cook can be a fascinating activity for them. You can prepare a cake and ask them to be your helpers, teach them how to measure the ingredients, by cups, tablespoons, milliliters, etc. Let them mix everything while you supervise them, let them experience the whole process, and I can assure you that when the cake is ready, they will enjoy it like never before because they will feel proud that they helped make it.


Children’s creativity is amazing. Therefore, preparing a concert or an art exhibition is a great idea if your kids like to sing, play a musical instrument, draw, paint, do arts and crafts, etc. You can set up a part of the house as a “gallery” where they can display their artwork. This will motivate them to continue making more works of art, to learn to play or sing new songs, etc. Another good idea is to show the children’s creations during dinner and applaud them, this will increase their confidence and make them enjoy these activities more.

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